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Multilingual Shop by GTranslate is an app that lets you easily add languages to your Shopify store. You can find it in the Shopify app directory, and install it to get started. Once installed, GTranslate has a very simple configuration interface. There are two main settings: customizing the language selector and previewing changes. You must first select the original language of your shop. Once the settings are set, you’re ready to translate your shop.

Weglot Translate

If you want to add multiple languages to your Shopify store, Weglot Translate for the platform is the right app for you. It detects the contents of your website through its source codes and customer browser languages, redirecting customers to the appropriate site in the correct language. Weglot is a free tool, but it does have some limitations. It does not support sub-domains or unlimited languages. It does not have an import/export feature, however.

If your business has an international audience, Weglot offers professional translations for your website and emails. With over 100 languages covered, it can help you grow your business. Aside from translating your website, Weglot also offers translation for your emails, including your website, email notifications, and invoices. The app is free to use and works seamlessly with your existing Shopify installation. If you are a first-time customer, Weglot can even help you get started with translation of your emails and landing pages.

The free version of Weglot allows you to translate up to 2,000 words in one language for free. After that, you must upgrade to a paid plan. After signing up, you can visit the translated website and see the changes. Click on the language button on the bottom right corner of the live store to preview the translated content. You can also change the language of the button on your live store by editing the content of the translation in the Weglot Configuration Dashboard.

When translating your product descriptions, Weglot can help you add an extra layer of security. The language switcher makes it easy to switch languages, so you can ensure they’re properly translated. You can also customize Weglot settings by dragging the language switcher to your preferred location. It’s a good idea to hire a pro translator to review translations and make sure everything matches. However, it’s best to leave your API key in English unless you’re sure that the word you are translating is not a synonym for the original.

Multilingual sites can increase their visibility in search engines, which is a good thing. It also attracts new customers. With more people reading your product descriptions, a multilingual website will grow in popularity. In addition to that, it will increase trust from customers. It will also boost sales and brand awareness in international markets. And the best part is, Weglot is free. If you want to get started right away, sign up for the free trial!


If you would like to add international languages to your Shopify store, you can do so by using ConveyThis for Shopify. The app offers a wide variety of translations for your online store. Not only can you translate the web content, but you can also add translations for certain Shopify apps and store sections. You can even translate your store in different languages for your customers! With ConveyThis, you can translate your entire Shopify store into more than 100 different languages!

Another benefit is that you don’t have to invest in a separate multilingual theme or store. ConveyThis has an easy-to-install localization plugin and language switcher. All you need to do is install the app and configure its settings. With just a few clicks, you can translate your store into multiple languages without having to do a thing with coding! Once installed, the plugin will automatically detect your store and handle the translation for you.

One of the benefits of ConveyThis for Shopify is that it enables you to reach international customers. This application has been used by thousands of online stores since 2008. ConveyThis provides website translation and localization services for Shopify and other online stores. With these services, you can increase your international sales and customer base. If you sell a product or service online, it’s essential to have your website translated into as many languages as possible.

ConveyThis for Shopify offers a free 10-day trial of its service. To sign up for the free trial, you must provide your credit card details. After signing up, find the ConveyThis app on the App Store and install it. Next, you need to configure your ConveyThis account information and select the language you want your ConveyThis to speak. A paid account allows you to segment your stores by city, region, or country.

Another benefit of ConveyThis for Shopify is that it supports every major content management system, including Shopify. It is universally accepted and is compatible with virtually every online CMS platform. Because it is cross-platform, ConveyThis for Shopify is ready to go. And with its localization capabilities, you can easily switch CMS platforms in the future. This means you can take your online store with you no matter where you decide to sell.


If you want to expand your global market reach, you should install a Shopify translation app. Not only should it support the languages you want to reach, but it should also be easy to customize and set up. Your store should be able to be translated with no disruptions to the design and content. There are many options for Shopify translation applications, but GTranslate stands out among them. Read on to find out what makes it so special.

You can even translate the names of your products into several languages. The app lets you add a number of languages into one store. The app can also be used for multilingual stores, including Shopify. Adding more languages to your store will increase the amount of traffic your website receives. But there are other benefits. You can choose a language for your product or your website’s name by choosing GTranslate, which will allow you to translate the text.

GTranslate is an application that will translate your website into more than 100 languages. The best part about it is that it is completely free. It offers a seven-day trial, and there is no obligation to purchase. With a paid account, you can translate your shop into as many languages as you need. But, you can also choose a plan with extra features. To find out which one suits you, check out GTranslate and LangShop reviews.

Another thing you should consider is the ease of setup. Ensure that the Shopify translation app you choose is easy to install and use. Avoid complicated installation procedures and working with a large amount of code. This way, you can make the process seamless. There are many Shopify translation apps available. But, which one is the best? Here are some of them:

While using the best Shopify translation app will boost your sales and conversion rate, it will also boost your SEO and keep you ahead of your competition. Moreover, it supports more than one hundred languages. It will also allow your Shopify website to be translated in a variety of languages, including Right-To-Left and PickyStory. Choosing the right app is essential for a smooth, seamless shopping experience for your customers.


The GTranslate Shopify Langify app is an exclusive translation solution for Shopify. This app has several benefits over other similar apps, including unlimited translations, full SEO support, and unrestricted import and export. The app can also be used to translate the contents of blog posts, collections, and theme sections. But it has some limitations, such as no automatic translation, and a slow installation process.

The best part of Langify is that you can easily translate a Shopify website into as many languages as you like. You can also export your translations to different file formats, so you can easily update them whenever you wish. It also optimizes meta tags for translated languages, so they show up higher in Google search results. The app allows you to host multiple domains on the same platform, which is handy if you have a global reach. Although it does have some limitations, it is worth considering as a great choice for those looking to translate a Shopify store.

The free plan gives you 14 days of free translations. Once you are satisfied with the quality of translations, you can purchase a paid plan that offers unlimited translations. GTranslate offers many free features, but there is also a paid version for more advanced features. It offers complete SEO optimization and assigns specific subdomains for each translated language. This helps you to rank higher in different languages and attract more foreign customers. Unlike other translation services, GTranslate does not limit the number of words you can translate, so you can fit your content as much as possible. Additionally, the app allows you to track the translation process and select the language to use.

A good alternative to GTranslate Shopify Langify is Bablic. It is an all-in-one translation solution. It detects the language preference of your customers and automatically translates your website content. It also has powerful SEO features and is easy to use. It is free to download, but you’ll need to pay a monthly fee to use the full power of LangShop. Its free trial is worth the money if you plan to use it for your business.