When you want to translate a document or a web page from one language to another, GTranslate can help. The program lets you write sentences on your screen. It detects your handwriting and translates them as you type. There are many ways to use GTranslate, including with its WordPress plugin. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most useful features. We’ll also talk about how to get the most out of your free trial.

GTranslate Features

Conversation mode

Google has updated its Google Translate app to add Conversation Mode. In January, the app only supported English and Spanish, but now it supports other languages, too. In addition to English, it now supports several other European languages, as well as Czech, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. All told, this update brings Conversation Mode to 14 languages. Although it is still in alpha testing, this update is a significant step forward for the translation service.

As part of a recent update to its Android app, Google has also added Conversation Mode to 12 new languages. Previously, it was available in only Spanish and English, but now it’s available in more than 12 languages, including French, German, and Spanish. In Conversation Mode, two people speak in different languages and the app will read back the translation. If the other person replies to you in the same way, they will hear the translated response in their own language.

You can switch between the two languages easily by enabling the Automatic Detection feature. Once you’ve selected your preferred language, you can switch to the other language automatically. The application also supports voice translation and conversation mode, which lets you translate both sides of a bilingual conversation. The conversation mode feature is particularly useful when you’re in a setting where you’re speaking with someone who doesn’t speak your language.


One of the most useful features of Google Translate is the ability to save translations to a phrasebook. By signing into your Google account, you can save phrases as you translate them. This feature is similar to bookmarking web pages in Chrome. Once you have created a phrasebook, you can import it into other Google Translate applications. Phrasebooks can be shared with other users and even synchronized between multiple devices.

The phrasebook in GTranslate allows you to save translations in a list and view them whenever you want. You can search for phrases in the list and add them to your personal phrasebook. If you have several saved phrases, you can also listen to them. The phrasebook is searchable and grouped by language pair. The phrasebook requires that you sign-in to Google to use this feature. You can find phrases you want to learn and use them over again.

Another useful feature of GTranslate is its ability to translate signs and texts. You can even translate the handwritten text with the camera feature. The Phrasebook lets you compare word meanings and context. If you want to improve your translation, you can also save phrases to a Phrasebook. Syncing the phrasebook with other devices is also possible. Once you’ve built a Phrasebook, you can use the tool to translate text from another language.

The Phrasebook feature in GTranslate is designed to help you memorize phrases in a new language. However, the Android version of GTranslate does not appear to have a Phrasebook feature, and the developers have not mentioned whether they’ll implement it there. Adding this feature to Android would be a great help to travellers. You can read about it in our article about how it works. There are many advantages to using the Phrasebook feature in Google Translate.

Automatic language detection

One of the main features of GTranslate is the automatic language detection feature. This feature is enabled by default and is useful when attempting to translate text from a language other than your own. When enabled, the tool analyzes the text and displays a label that says, “Detected language.” If it does not recognize the language, the text may be from the same language group or even a loan-word.

Another great feature of GTranslate is its ability to translate HTML websites. The service supports over one hundred languages, making it a highly versatile tool for international marketing. It can be used to translate any web page and can help you tap into a worldwide audience and reach new markets. Automatic language detection is enabled by default, but you can also enable or disable the feature manually by going into the Options tab. To disable the automatic language detection feature, go to the “Preferences” section and uncheck the box next to “Detect source language automatically.” If you want to use the automatic translation feature again, simply click on the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

In addition to being available in over 100 languages, the GTranslate app can detect the language spoken by a sign. This feature makes it easy to translate words and phrases between different languages in real-time. You can also choose the language for the translated text by tapping the microphone on the device. Once you have the language, you can then translate the text into that language. These features are especially useful if you’re travelling to a foreign country.

The automatic language detection features of GTranslate are a major advantage. This tool can detect the source language based on the language code of the source document. You can then select the target language from the list provided. However, this feature is not as effective as Google Translate. If you’re translating a document in more than one language, you may need to edit the original text before using GTranslate. But there are many other features that make GTranslate a useful tool for translation.

WordPress plugin

The GTranslate WordPress plugin provides full translation support for WordPress-powered sites. The plugin supports 103 languages and provides SEO compatibility in the paid version. It is fast and manages translations in the cloud so that it has virtually no impact on site performance. If you’re looking for a way to monetize your site, GTranslate will make it easier to connect with more users. Read on to learn more about its features.

There are a couple of settings that you can adjust to ensure that your translations are accurate. First, turn on the Floating language selector in the Settings screen. It will appear in the appropriate location, which can be in any menu or as a dropdown when hovering over a menu item. Once this is complete, click Save and then Close to save all changes. This step will also let you see how many languages the plugin is translating for each of your sites.

The plugin also allows you to set the admin dashboard to the language you prefer. It also allows you to edit the translations made by professionals. Additionally, GTranslate is easy to use and gives a preview of your translation. You can even add a floating language switcher to your front-end. The plugin will make your website available in any language your visitors are using. In addition, you can request new languages for your site.

The GTranslate WordPress plugin is free to download. It supports 103 languages and is fully SEO compatible. Using GTranslate can help you reach a global audience, increase international sales, and attract more visitors from other countries. Webmasters are now realising the importance of providing global content. The GTranslate plugin is an excellent choice for this purpose. It’s free, easy to install, and offers a huge range of features for your site.

The GTranslate WordPress plugin allows you to translate everything on your website. You won’t need to set up a special interface to use it, and you can preview the site in the language of your choice for a variety of user roles. It also helps translate dynamic content. The GTranslate WordPress plugin also works with SEO. You can even select languages based on your site’s content. Once installed, GTranslate will automatically translate your content for you.